South Philadelphia String Band

Past Performances

YearPlaceTheme TitleCaptainCaptain PlaceTotal Points
20233Hook, Line & ShowtimeDenny Palandro296.50
20221Circus Space-TacularDenny Palandro197.20
20201CarouspellDenny Palandro196.35
20192Brazilian To OneDenny Palandro296.38
20181West In PeaceDenny Palandro696.65
20173Awaken The DragonDenny Palandro295.20
20161Dia De Los MuertosDenny Palandro295.75
20153Gangs Of GothamDenny Palandro894.20
20143Invasion Of PiracyDenny Palandro493.05
20134Barnyard MoosicalDenny Palandro392.05
20123A Tune Full Of SugarDenny Palandro492.10
20113No Boat Like ShowboatDenny Palandro691.95
20104Gathering Of NationsDenny Palandro391.65
20093The Knight Is OursDenny Palandro1091.55
20083Hot Native Nights!Denny Palandro392.50
20073Echoes Of The Big TopChris Martucci688.75
20064That's Enter-TRAIN-mentChris Martucci489.88
20058Humanapatra - Egyptian City Of The DeadChris Martucci981.38
20046Fin TasticChris Martucci483.25
20035Beaux Arts Ball At The Moulin RougeChris Martucci583.63
20025Flying SouthChris Martucci185.13
20019Yippie Ki Yea! Cowboy!Bill Gibson, Jr.1184.13
200012Swing Cats Jungle JamBill Gibson, Jr.1377.50
19996Creature Double FeatureBill Gibson, Jr.77.13
199812Street FestivalBill Gibson, Jr.78.88
199713Toyin' With SoldiersBill Gibson, Jr.1477.05
199614Sultans Of SwingBill Berenato77.20
199511Nero's Roman RhythmsBill Berenato682.70
199412Goin' To New Orleans, Gonna' See the Mardi GrasBill Berenato1277.45
199311South Philadelphia Goes Scrap HappyBill Berenato1576.25
199211Swampin' At The SavoyBill Berenato1276.75
199112Struttin'Bill Berenato677.75
19909Peace Pipe Pow-WowBill Berenato980.0
198911Playing With A Full DeckAlex 'Stew' Stewart985.00
19882Hot Native NightsAlex 'Stew' Stewart396.00
19875Fantasy In BirdlandAlex 'Stew' Stewart1488.00
19866JitterbugsAlex 'Stew' Stewart288.40
198511Cotton Club RevueAlex 'Stew' Stewart575.50
198410The Big ParadeJim Donaghy80.25
19839Undersea OdysseyJim Donaghy779.00
19828Ziegfield ShowcaseJim Donaghy988.75
19819Scarecrows First Music EnsembleJim Donaghy82.00
19803String Band Hit ParadeJim Donaghy193.00
19799Treasure IslandJim Donaghy882.00
19783Toy Soldiers On ParadeJim Donaghy1991.15
197712On TourJim Donaghy1179.10
19767Philadelphia '76Jim Donaghy85.62
19751Hallelujah, Get HappyJim Donaghy94.95
197412Twas Only An Irishman's DreamJim Donaghy84.50
197313Candyland FantasyJim Donaghy83.25
19728The Best Things In Life Are FreeJim Donaghy88.25
19714Moments To RememberJim Donaghy92.83
197014There's A Rainbow 'Round My ShoulderJim Donaghy78.00
19698Songs Of The IslandsJim Donaghy87.70
19683King Of The RoadJim Donaghy493.30
19675Chant Of The JungleJim Donaghy90.88
19661String Band Hit ParadeJim Donaghy198.25
196513Dixieland Goes To the Mardi GrasJim Donaghy87.00
19643Hail To The RedskinsJim Donaghy394.50
19633Let A Smile Be Your UmbrellaJim Donaghy290.00
19625The King And IJim Donaghy90.50
196113Treasure IslandJim Donaghy87.70
19606Musical Lamps For MiladyJim Donaghy194.97
19591African FantasyJim Donaghy196.40
19584Songs Of SpringJim Donaghy185.50
195710StardustJim Donaghy84.00
19566Harbor LightsJim Donaghy87.90
195518Melodies Of The Golden WestRaymond Gurt60.00
195414A Mummer's DreamRaymond Gurt
195312The ToreadorRaymond Gurt67.00
195212Yankee Doodle DandiesRaymond Gurt68.00
195111Dancing ButterfliesRaymond Gurt
195017All Dressed Up With a Broken HeartRaymond Gurt
194924Snow CrystalsRaymond Gurt
194812Dutch BoysRaymond Gurt
194714Sheik of ArabyRaymond Gurt