People’s Choice Awards

From: Steve Highsmith

Hello, Mummer Lovers!  It’s time to award the Viewer’s Choice winners for the Fancy Brigades and String Bands from New Year’s Day.  The results from mid-January’s calculations have been securely kept in a mustard jar on Rusty Martz’ stoop.  They will be revealed tomorrow evening, Tuesday evening, at the new event facility at SugarHouse Casino.

All Mummers at the event will receive one Free Drink Ticket for a beverage of their choice, including a non-alcohol drink. Two buffets will serve prime rib, (2) side dishes, a pasta station with (2) options, and a dessert spread.

And!!! There are three $1,000 drawings from the pool of all other clubs present.   Be there by 7 pm.  Please allow for a little slower traffic.  The delicious event will take place despite the small to modest snowfall expected.

Thank you to South Philadelphia String Band for providing the entertainment.

Thanks, Steve!

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Kassie - May 6, 2016

Haaahhha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!


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